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Gourmet Villa Holiday Feedback

“We worked with Matt for months ahead of time. He helped us figure out the best way to manage our budget and the unique space (the villa in Montisi) that we had reserved in Tuscany.  Matt gave us great menu options and even went early when he was in Italy months before we were to check out the villa and plan things out.  Once we got all the details completed we knew Matt and Selena would kick into gear and take care things.  Boy did they. We showed up in a late afternoon to wonderful wine and aperitifs.  We proceeded to enjoy many meals, both inside and outside.  The most magical moment must have been on our first full day at the villa when Matt and Selena took us through a 10+ wine and food pairing all across the regions of Italy. It was leisurely 4 hour affair that was neither too much, but always left us wanting more….more insight into the regions and the nature of the wine pairings…and more of Selena’s amazing cuisine. Thanks again team Daygustation. You did great work. More folks would benefit from your skills, talents, passion, hospitality and warmth.”  Luke Hartsock (Seattle)

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