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Drink: April Fool

I admit it. One swallow last week and I decided that summer was here! I feel a bit foolish now as the rain pours down, but I have started so…. We all have a summer wardrobe, but many of us forget to drink with the season. Put away those heavy Barolos and Chiantis and let the sunshine into your mouth. Summer wines should be young, unoaked and light. Also if you are drinking in the sun, wines lower in alcohol are far more quaffable and the responsible choice!

My first recommendation is Saracco Moscato d’Asti 2010 from Piedmont (£14 Planet of the Grapes). One swallow of this does a summer make: sweet grapey Muscat refreshingly low in alcohol (5%). Sweeter styles should be embraced in the heat of this moment.
Rose always seems like a good idea in the sun, but remember made from red grapes they are actually heavier than whites with more structure and depth. A Mano Rosato from Puglia (£10 Daygustation) is dry and perfumed with ripe strawberry notes; perfect for a summer wedding or even a decent proposal.
Finally don’t forget about reds. You can’t chill full bodied wines like Chianti because it accentuates the astringency of the tannins. However, wines like Valpolicella and Dolcetto based reds from the Piedmont have very soft tannins and chill down a treat. Try the cherry laden Allegrini Valpolicella 2009 from Veneto (£10 Daygustation) with Panzanella.

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