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Burger Index: The Ivy


Forget about foie gras. Knowing your burger onions is the sign of a true gourmet. However, finding a good burger is quite like finding a good woman. So complex, so illusive and so many variables that can go wrong. But when you find a goody…oh boy!

This is the story of one man’s search for the best bit of pattie in town.



Exchange: The Ivy

Currency: £11.50

Platform: Dense textured patty

Spread: Home-made glazed bap toasted to perfection

Commodities: Home-made mayo. Dill pickles. Tomato and onion

Derivatives: Hand cut chips or fine fries

Analysis: The Ivy isn’t an institution it’s the Ivy! Unusually it is the meat (which lacks real depth of flavour) that slightly let’s down the side. However the sum of the parts adds up to a pretty serious contender. The tomato spiked with finely chopped onion is a masterstroke.

Forecast: 7.5/10

The Ivy 1-5 West Street London WC2H 9NQ Telephone: 020 7836 4751

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