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Burger Index: Byron (Islington)

Forget about foie gras. Knowing your burger onions is the sign of a true gourmet. However, finding a good burger is quite like finding a good woman. So complex, so illusive and so many variables that can go wrong. But when you find a goody…oh boy!

This is the story of one man’s search for the best bit of pattie in town.





Exchange: Byron (Islington)

Currency: £6.25

Platform: Succulent patty

Spread: Home-made soft bap

Commodities: Pickles, tomato and red onion

Derivatives: Skin on chips or fries

Analysis: Byron is the new chain on the block, but with only ten restaurants let’s call it a boutique chain. Service is intelligent and really friendly – but who cares? What about the beef? I greedily ate two. One medium the second rare – burgers are better medium. The juicy beef and bun (slightly buttered) is a cut above anything else on the high street and fantastic value. I added some tangy BBQ sauce and chilli sauce for extra kick. A really great burger! I didn’t rate the chips (too burnt) or fries (too standard frozen) though. Shakes are great, some interesting beers – pity about the dull wines. All in all a very respectable score – for a boutique chain!

Forecast: 8/10


341 Upper Street, London N1 0PB

Tel: 020 7704 7620

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