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Cook: BBC2 Restaurant in your home

The joy of reality!

For those of you who didn’t catch the BBC2 show last night here is a quick synopsis: supposedly media savvy couple (me and Marie my girlfriend) stupidly involve themselves in a reality TV show about setting up a restaurant in your own home. The program was a pilot for a new series fronted by supposed ‘experts’ Mike and Tina.

The rough format is:

1. Stupid young couple want to open a restaurant (No mention that I have worked all my life in wine/restaurants/hospitality so may have a clue.

2. Couple cook for Mike and Tina (Of course the evening/food is a disaster)

3. Matt and Marie visit Brovey Lair to see how the pros (!) do it (Mike and Tina bicker!).

4. Mike and Tina step in to save our bacon (we all bicker!).

5. Restaurant night is a roaring success.

Why, oh why did we do it? Well to try and promote my new wine business Bibble, which despite nearly three weeks of filming, special bottle stickers and a food/wine matching menu was completely edited! You would think that we were running a teetotal restaurant – and if you watch food TV you would think that we are a teetotal nation. What is going on people?

Also on the cutting room floor were many of the best bits. Marie’s rather slurred appraisal of Tina’s teppan inspired menu. Me being forced to cook vegan food on a retired Routemaster bus. The acid that I throw down the blocked sink nearly blinding the very annoying man poking the camera in my face. The only winner? Marie’s mineral water brand Isklar that she PR’s. Look at that for product placement. Quite frankly such blatant promotion contravenes everything the BBC stands for!

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