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Fix: I like to moob it, moob it!

Start Weight: 106.6KG
Start BMI: 26.9
Cup Size: 38CC

I didn’t think it would happen to me. I swim. I work out. I eat a balanced diet (whatever that is). But it has happened to me……the big M. Moobs, Mantits, whatever you want to call them. The above stats make for sorry reading. What do you do? Give up and buy a training bra? Or fight back? I chose the latter option. But I have been here before. Boot camp, spin camp, swim camp, even camp camp (don’t try this one in Soho) I’ve tried them all. Then diet – Atkins, LA, Grapefruit -  hell I even tried colonic irrigation once. But it always seems to slide back on. I decided I needed to try something new, something radical and I found the 25 Club in Hanover Square. Can I lose the moobs in 25 days? (Read On)

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